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Hydrogen Power Generator (H2PowerPac)

Becker PowerPac

Becker Power Barge

eCap Marine offers environmental-friendly and flexible clean power solutions. We design compact systems that can be moved to multiple operation locations, maximising their utilisation and achieving economic benefits. Our innovative, future-projected technologies include using gas motors that can run with any gaseous fuels – such as NG (Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Bio-LNG, Biogas, Bio-Methane, Synthetic Fuels – and of course with Green Hydrogen.

We started our mission of creating clean power solutions in the port of Hamburg with the world’s first floating power plant, the Becker Power Barge ‘’Hummel’’. The innovative barge currently uses NG or LNG as fuel and has significantly lowered emissions of harmful substances (CO2, NOx, SOx, Particulates) compared to diesel engines of cruise ships which are used to generate power during layovers in port. By doing so, the Becker Power Barge overall improves the air quality in harbour cities.

HPE Hybrid Port Energy rebranded eCap Marine:
As of 1st January 2021, the HPE Hybrid Port Energy GmbH & Co. KG has been rebranded to E-Cap Marine GmbH with the registtration address changing from Hamburg-Harburg to Winsen (Luhe). Our office address remains in Hamburg at Blohmstraße 23 in 21079 Hamburg, Germany. It is important for us to emphasise that your contact partners at HPE remain the same and all business relations of HPE remain unchanged and will be continued by eCap Marine. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the renaming of our company.

Clean Power Solutions for a safe, reliable and efficient power supply

We introduce fuel cell and battery-electric solutions to the maritime industry, as well as mobile and stationary energy supply powered by hydrogen and other alternative energy sources. To implement innovative solutions for green energy supply in ports and emission-free mobile power generating systems we offer expertise and know-how, strengthened by a well-connected global network. Additionally, we offer extensive services for electric drives and systems of commercial vessels as well as private yachts and boats.

Hydrogen Power Generator (H2PowerPac)


LFP-moduled & DNV type-approved Battery PowerPac


Clean and mobile shore power with Becker PowerPac


STS Power System (shore-to-ship power via shore-to-ship crane


High-capacity clean power by Becker Power Barge


Emission-free ship conversion – electric, hydrogen, hybrid


E-conversion, batteries & service for yachts & boats


H2 & fuel cell solutions & components


The road to ZERO-Emission with eCap Marine

At eCap Marine, we never stop innovating our technologies further while always keeping the future in mind. Our clients could first start with available and economically feasible technologies. In the meantime, our clients are as well already being prepared for future technologies. With genuinely sustainable power solutions designed by eCap Marine – we use gas motors that eventually can burn alternative fuels like Biogas, Green Hydrogen. As technologies develop and become economical, with further engineering upgrades and integrations services provided by eCap Marine, our clients can thus achieve ZERO-Emission goals.

The shipping industry started making strategic efforts to "Go Green’’. The emission reduction of CO2 is one of the important criteria for achieving environmental goals. But SOx (Sulphur Oxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and PM (Particulate Matter) are also main elements of pollution caused by ships using their onboard auxiliary diesel engines and burning MGO (Marine Gas Oil) for power generation. To save fuel costs, the maritime industry currently uses low-grade marine fuel like heavy oil and diesel oil, which have even higher sulphur contents. Therefore, ships account for the majority of harmful emissions in ports.

Clean shoreside electrical power (shore power or OPS- Onshore Power Supply) enables ships at berths to shut down their main and auxiliary diesel engines in port and generate the needed energy from varied sources – for example from emission-free fuel like Green Hydrogen.

How to "Go Green" NOW with eCap Marine:

Please note: our scope of supply and services are not limited by the items listed above.

Hydrogen and/or electric conversion for commercial vessels

We are your experienced partner, from the feasibility study to the conception and the final installation of the hydrogen and/or electric drive. We determine the power requirement via data logging, create driving profiles and design a battery or fuel cell system based on the results and according to your wishes. We also consult with the relevant approval authorities to have the concept's approval capability assessed by the shipping industry.

Hydrogen Power Generator H2PowerPac

Hydrogen Power Generator

The containerised Hydrogen Power Generator H2PowerPac for emission-free electricity generated with hydrogen is equipped with fuel cells, a hydrogen tank system and several battery racks with power and control electronics. The unit can be trailered for flexible mobile use and can also be integrated into a truck body or on a trailer. The Hydrogen Power Generator provides clean and emission-free electricity for mobile applications, such as charging batteries of electric and hybrid ships, a mobile power source on construction sites, an emergency power supply or as an environmentally friendly and flexible power supply for trade fairs, festivals and other major events. Furthermore, the Hydrogen Power Generator can be used as a combined heat and power plant.

LFP-moduled and DNV type-approved Battery PowerPac

With improved capacity-to-weight ratio from lithium-ion technology, batteries have become one of the attractive options for large-scale energy supply. For power supply and storage, our Battery PowerPac provides extraordinary environmental and economic benefits: significantly lowering emission and maintenance costs. Our compact and mobile system combined with our cable management expertise offers our clients the complete package of an integrated power management system, control panel, and remote condition monitoring features.

Becker PowerPac – mobile power solution in port

Picture of eCap Marine's Cold Ironing Technology.

From a mobile generator called Becker PowerPac we can sustainably supply ships during their layovers at the port with the electricity required for onboard operation. The auxiliary diesel engines are switched off, significantly reducing pollutants in the air. The Becker PowerPac is an uncomplicated solution for reducing pollution at ports. eCap Marine developed the compact system in the size of two stacked 40-foot high cube containers. This unit combines a gas-powered generator and a removable tank with liquefied natural gas (LNG) or other alternative fuel to supply the generator.

STS Shore-to-ship power via shore-to-ship crane

The STS Power System (Shore-to-ship-power via shore-to-ship-crane) developed by eCap Marine utilises the capacity of STS crane for shore power / OPS (Onshore Power Supply) purpose for container ships during their layover in ports, reducing their emission from the auxiliary engines. eCap's STS Power System enables a direct, quick and stable power supply from the grid (e.g. 10kV /50Hz) to the ship (6.6kV / 60Hz)

Grafics shore-to-ship power via shore-to-ship crane

Clean power for cruise ships in port

The floating Becker Power Barge of eCap Marine can be transferred and used in various terminals in any port, all-year-around and independently from calls of port. When cruise season is over, the produced electrical power and heat can be fed into the local grids to supply households in the city, which is an additional option and benefit. The Shore to Ship Power can be delivered in the required frequency of 60 Hz for the majority of cruise ships or 50 Hz for the public grid and industrial customers. The Becker Power Barge does this with no separate and expensive converter on the shore-side, making the switch from on- and off-season simple and easy.

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