"Coastal Liberty" with Hydrogen Power Generator

Hydrogen Power Generator (H2PowerPac)

Embrace the Future with Zero-Emission Hydrogen Power Generator

Mobile, Emission-free Hydrogen Power Generator - H2PowerPac

Step into the future with H2PowerPac, which harnesses the hydrogen fuel cell electric generator technology - a mobile, emission-free fuel cell generator designed to revolutionize how the industry generates and consumes electricity.

This progressive technology innovation and advancement ushers in a new era of energy production, enabling an efficient and eco-friendly electricity production pathway, holding immense potential to drastically curtail our dependence on fossil fuels.

Reliable Solution for Energy Transition and Independence

This Electro-Hydrogen Powered Generator (H2PowerPac) allows the generation of electricity on its own terms and deploys renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint, whenever and wherever it is needed.

Whether it is stationed at remote and isolated sites, like construction, outdoor festivals & sporting events, or simply needed reliable emergency backup power source - H2PowerPac grants full control over autarkic power supply, unhindered by the limitations of traditional energy sources.

Powerful, Compact, Efficient, Quiet

Our Hydrogen Powered Electric Generator(H2PowerPac) is…

  • not only movable and user-friendly, but also very efficient and cost-effective to produce electricity.
  • being designed for flexible and adaptable applications, Plug and Play everywhere. Thereby providing an effective and economical power solution.
  • zero noise and no harmful emissions with green hydrogen as fuel, making it an environmentally friendly electricity source.
  • a safe and reliable solution for power supply.

eCap Marine: Experts in Clean Power Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Since the early 2010s, eCap Marine has deployed and realized various sustainable technologies for mobility in waterways and power supply on land. Our expertise including:

  • Fuel Cells and environmental-friendly Battery Systems (also for energy storage aka ESS) into semi-/mobile containerized PowerPacs as Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) or for decentralized electricity supply as CHP (Combined Heat and Power Plant)
  • Customized technical concept, design & implementation for full electrification or hybridisation of maritime Ships/Yachts/Units, either newbuilds or retrofits.

Example: Emergency Power Generation 240 kW

Picture of the Hydrogen Power Generator H2PowerPac 240

10ft H2 PowerUnit

  • Fuel Cell System (in total 240 kW)
  • Battery System (LFP) 195 kWh
  • Central Control & Safety System etc.

10ft H2 Tank

  • H2 Capacity: ~200 kg @ 380 bar
  • Operation duration @ max. efficiency: ~36 hrs
  • Swappable but uninterrupted power supply
Hydrogen Power Generator Side view
Fuel Cell Power Generator 240kW
Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Example: Additional Power Generation 450 kW

Additional Power Generation 450 kW

20ft H2 PowerUnit

  • Fuel Cell System
  • Battery System (LFP) 280 kWh
  • Total Output 400 kW (constant), 500 kW (max@peak
  • Safety System (fire, gas etc. inside)
  • Central Control System (also remote)

10ft H2 Tank

  • H2 Capacity: ~200kg @ 380 bar
  • Swappale but uninterrupted power supply
  • ADR Certified  
Side view of a Hydrogen Powered Generator 450
Picture of an Emission-Free Energy Source
Rear view H2 PowerPac 450 kW

Smart and Mobile Handling

Graphic Mobile Handling of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

Overcoming the Challenge of Zero Emission with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

The Hydrogen-to-Electricity Generator is not just a generator - it represents a major leap towards a cleaner, sustainable, and efficient energy future.

Choosing H2PowerPac today means opting for a world that achieves zero emissions and a sustainable electric supply.

This aligns with the global shift towards sustainable industrial practices, allowing the reduction of carbon footprint while maintaining operational efficiency.

Outlook with Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen, generated through electrolysis using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, is gaining widespread recognition as the optimal solution for zero-emissions, sustainable power generation.

These energy sources align with global energy and climate objectives, making them highly favoured by governments and the majority. Therefore, green hydrogen stands as a key player in achieving worldwide energy safety and climate targets.

Our Innovative Hydrogen Generator: The Future of Clean Energy Transition

Looking for energy autonomy while also contributing to global emission reductions?

H2PowerPac is more than just a fuel cell hydrogen electric generator - it symbolizes a leap towards a greener and efficient energy future.

Opting for H2PowerPac today means creating a world with reduced emissions and a sustainable energy outlook.