Shore power supply via STS Power System connecting to AMP container

Shore-to-ship Power via ship-to-shore Crane

Numerous studies and research have established that Shore-to-ship Power (STS) enables ships to shut down their auxiliary engines and connect to shoreside electrical power supply while in port, which will result in significant emission reduction. This naturally also depends on the carbon intensity of the electricity source on the shoreside, which can be generated from renewable and sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind. In the EU, there is a saving of 40% of CO2 emissions while in port (see page 7 of PowerPoint Presentation (

Benefits of eCap Marine’s Shore-to-ship STS Power System

Graphic of shore-to-ship power via ship-to-shore crane

Reduce Emissions with STS Power Systems

The STS Power System (Shore-to-ship Power via Ship-to-shore Crane) developed by eCap Marine - another “think-outside-of-the-box” technology innovation, which was derived from and also can be integrated into existing terminal infrastructure.

This ingenious shore power system will utilize the distributable capacity from Ship-to-shore STS Crane for Onshore Power Supply (OPS - Onshore Power Supply) purpose, for container ships during their layover in ports, instantly reducing their emissions from the diesel auxiliary engines, especially improving the harmful air pollution in the port cities.


Seamless Voltage and Frequency Adjustment

Such a system comes in a compact and easy-to-handle size. It is customarily engineered and equipped with components such as a Static Frequency Converter (SFC) and a transformers or Rotary Converter for voltage and frequency adjustment of the electricity which is supplied to the container crane, usually from Grid Power (e.g. 10kV /50Hz to the ship’s 6.6kV /60Hz).


Designed for Easy Integration

All components being integrated and fitted into the size of a 20ft or 40ft ISO container. An additional cable reel for the cable routing between the junction box (socket in accordance with IEC 80005) will be located at the dockside during the shore power supply operation. Otherwise, the junction box is being lifted to the STS crane and moved with the container crane.

The STS Power System facilitates a direct, quick and stable power supply from the grid power. But no further massive construction or cable routing is needed at the quayside.

Functionality of a shore power supply for ships explained graphically