Shore power supply via STS Power System connecting to AMP container

Shore-to-ship power via shore-to-ship crane

The STS Power System (Shore-to-ship-power via shore-to-ship-crane) developed by eCap Marine utilises the capacity of STS crane for shore power / OPS (Onshore Power Supply) purpose for container ships during their layover in ports, reducing their emission from the auxiliary engines. eCap's STS Power System enables a direct, quick and stable power supply from the grid (e.g. 10kV /50Hz) to the ship (6.6kV / 60Hz).

Our compact system includes a Static Frequency Converter (SFC) and a transformers or rotary converter for voltage and frequency adjustment of the container crane, all components being integrated and fit into the size of a 20ft or 40ft container. An additional cable reel for the cable routing between the junction box (socket IEC80005-1) will be located at the dockside and only during the shore power supply operation. Otherwise, the junction box is lifted to the STS crane and moves with the crane. No further construction or cable routing is needed at the quayside.

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